Being active is one of the basis of a balanced lifestyle. The body is meant to move and adapt thoughout our lives. Our vision of training and developing our skills is simple : "Use it or you lose it" as Ido Portal states. Crossfit is a strong basis of Tom's coaching as a coach at RCFL. His personal trainings are also inspired by his experience of French boxing and Martial arts, as well as by his breathing and yoga practice and passion for mouvement in general.


Fueling your body the right way is a condition for success in training. That's why we consider nutrition as a fundamental piece of the puzzle. Yet, being aware of the nutritional quality of food items while being able to enjoy what life brings you without feeling guilty or jeopardizing results is possible! 


Yoga is a perfect way to balance the physical and the mental: it creates space, restores slack and reminds us how much we carry all the weapons to take control over our emotions and feelings. Opening and centering yourself to grow stronger and recover quicker, but also push back body limitations. 


Workshops are a great opportunity to dive deeper into theory and practice to understand and experiment fully our method. As an introduction or a way to improve your practice, we design each workshop as an interactive experience mixing disciplines. 


The breath is the most evident canal between the body and the mind. By understzanding and controlling it better, you will allow yourself to develop significantly your performances as well as your quality of concentration, improve your general health and overall mind and body peacefulness.