CIRCLE is a method gathering different disciplines around one assumption - that our reason of being is to play with the complexity of our body and minds. By mixing Crossfit, Yoga, Breathing techniques and Nutrition - but also by applying their fundamentals to other sports and life challenges - we disrupt usual training methods and guarantee an always evolving approach that fits everyone needs. 

We believe in versatility, our capacity to adapt and develop skills. We believe in breathing and moving as foundations of a sustainable and funkier lifestyle, putting down boundaries to retrieve space and pleasure in the body. We believe in strength and concentration as the most effective weapons to regain our freedom and be able to slow down the fluctuations of the mind while the world around us keeps moving. 

Take the necessary time to anchor yourself in the present and get out of your comfort zone by rediscovering the potential of movement, be it breathing, the beating of our heart or the flow of energy that circulates. Our range of motion goes often way beyond what we expect! 

Who are we?

Tom is a certified Sports trainer (BPJEPS), French boxing and Crossfit level 2 trainer. He deepened his knowledge on nutrition completing the Precision Nutrition certification. He is one of the coaches of the Reebok Crossfit Louvre team in Paris. 

Alya is a certified Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance). She also works as Events and Special projects manager in the Fashion Industry, after having spent many years working in Arts and Culture (production, art direction, development and strategy). 

Sharing our skills and our passion for movement, as well as our interest for a better and healthier lifestyle, has been an evidence. As a couple we are convinced that finding balance in every layer of our lives is key - without losing the fun nor the efficiency! Training together is a luxury and a pleasure that naturally led to teaching and working together.